Love You Someday Cover Art:

Chapter 2 (refresh) Falling Towards Grace - by megamitenchi

"After thoughtfully weighing her safest options in approaching Chuck, Blair decided the janitor’s closet next to his locker, right before lunch was best. She wouldn’t be seen with him and she wouldn’t be late to any classes. It was perfect. 

Peeking around the closet door, she waited for him to put his books away and close his locker. Then she made her move. She jerked the door open and grabbed his arm, pulling him inside before shoving the door shut. With her back up against one of the shelving units in the closet she realized her mistake. 

It was much too small in here for two people. There was almost no room between them. She could smell his cologne, heady, with a touch of spice, and feel the heat emanating from him. Blair refused to look at anything except his tie.This was dangerous.”